Mochis Supplier in Barcelona



We are a handcraft workshop for of the typical Japanese dessert, the daifuku mochi or better known Mochi. A small cake that we have evolved applying our experience in innovation in its flavors but treasuring the traditionality of its texture and form, combining its interior with mousses of more current flavors and textures. We are suppliers of Japanese desserts, being mochi our star product and offering them to restaurants, hotels, events and catering companies.



As a wholesaler of mochis in Barcelona, we offer a wide range of flavors to restaurants, as well as a personalized service for each client, such as the possibility of having in your menu some desired flavor or an exclusive flavor, which helps you to differentiate and highlight from the rest of the Asian restaurants in the market.

We also offer mochis to pastry shops, if they want to enlarge the variety and novelty in their products.


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